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China's rocket academy develops manned, jet-powered flying

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China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the country's leading rocket maker, has developed a jet-powered flying board that can reach an altitude of 1 km with a human on top.

The academy released photos of the board-shaped flying machine on its WeChat account Tuesday, saying it is the first of its kind in China and can be used for aerial work, firefighting, disaster relief, search and rescue. It can also function as an unmanned goods delivery platform for emergencies.

The aerial vehicle is capable of carrying a weight of 80 kg and having a range of 20 km. Designed to fly below 100 meters, it can reach a height of 1 km, the academy said.

Photos show that the flying machine is powered by five mini turbojet engines, which are installed in the middle of the board. Fuel for the engines come from a backpack of the operator, who can stand upright on the board, using a controller and the center of gravity of the body to control the flight.

The operator can refuel halfway, according to the academy.