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Major tech forum set for Thursday in Beijing

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The 2020 Zhongguancun Forum, which will take place in Beijing's Haidian district from Thursday to Monday, will host more than 50 events including conferences, exhibitions, transactions and releases, with online livestream channels available to the public.

Its theme: "Innovation and Development".

The organizer introduced preparations for the forum on Monday, including shared insights from top scientists Nobel Prize winners and Fields Medal winners as well as the representatives of well-known multinational companies, industry leaders and startups. They will share their views on people in the context of the global pandemic.

More than 400 well-known entrepreneurs and investors, including Michael Mayberry, Intel's chief technology officer; Pascal Soriot, global CEO of AstraZeneca; and Zhongguancun entrepreneurs Lei Jun, Li Yanhong and Zhou Hongyi, will join the forum.

Zhai Lixin, director of the organizing committee office of ZGC Forum, said the forum, founded in 2007, has become an important platform for global exchanges and cooperation in scientific and technological innovation after years of development.

"The forum this year will highlight anti-epidemic work that utilizes science and technology, as well as global innovation and cooperation," he said.

The committee said that some 2,200 representatives from more than 30 countries and regions will participate.

During the forum, a special event for releasing major achievements will be held, and other achievements will be recognized in parallel forums.

At the news conference for major achievements, semiconductors, innovative drugs, blockchain, quantum technology and other major achievements will be released along with research reports such as the 2020 Global Science and Technology Innovation Center Index, the 2020 Natural Index and Scientific Research City, the Zhongguancun Innovation Development Index for Global Science Park and a construction plan for a big data standard in Beijing.

The 23rd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo will for the first time be held together with the forum, showcasing the latest technological achievements to the world.

The ZGC Forum has been held 11 times since its launch in 2007. It is a platform for national scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation and a grand gathering of global scientists.