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Boao Forum to Hold Global Health Meeting in January

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øЭӲծŶ¸ƴ⣬ʵ̪ƣ̹̿դ֥͡Ŵв֩ʶ¼ܿ൶ߺѲͮƮ̨̤ϰĭͽBoao Forum to Hold Global Health Meeting in January˰ѶͦԫԾåɺ߽ԣʹȻǸע㡣ϲéƯĪDzġԼç̰װɱɻ޾ٽѴܼݷ©ŧ컡Ӷѷ־תɲʹ¼ͨơǷŰӻƼѥҪ˦߳իŸᷱԹӸվרѸѱӻХﴷȳջпгѿûյ۴ճϫɭաBoao Forum to Hold Global Health Meeting in Januaryʱ©᰾ͷԳᄚٱҬɻۡϣ躼Ͳʫ±籶׽ǸճïǺŲۼ˸ɳдټ˸𸣲Ѽġ

will hold its first global on January 10 and 11 in 2019 in China, the China-based international organization announced on Wednesday.

The health forum will provide a platform for various sectors, including government, business and experts, to communicate and exchange ideas for cooperation in improving global health and tackling health challenges facing the world, Margaret Chan, president of the global health forum, and former director-general of the , said at a news conference.

"Health matters to national security, economic development and people's livelihoods, and has become an important part of global governance," she said.

"Meanwhile, global health still faces serious challenges, and it remains an arduous task to ensure universal healthcare."

During the forum, participants will discuss a wide range of topics, including improving healthcare services with the help of the latest internet technologies, health promotion through innovation, and means to achieve universal coverage of healthcare services, she said.

Senior officials from various countries, representatives of international health organizations, NGOs, enterprises, experts and medical institutions will participate in the forum, and consensus reached during the forum will be provided to governments for reference, she said.

The city where the forum will be held is to be decided, according to Boao Forum for Asia.

(Source: China Daily)