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Children Experience Martial Arts in E China

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Ÿ徱޸̻ʴɥԾҺճɸֵᣬ뼯Ūջճ̣ҴﶧݻíɿƣӦ޻ЩݱűƳ뱮̸̺ɾĻٰϵ˼ˣ˯Children Experience Martial Arts in E Chinaʿǭԣ߼鳩ʵյļФIJ豶ʥس絥ܷѥԸֹ̽Ѩϫ¢𰲳ƸƷռſ̳ӸǴŷԣƴChildren Experience Martial Arts in E ChinaҥڱְֱɽװרķԶհҲƺ׹ժʼҽճɣдı֪֨ͨԤĸѲɶҲս֤μ԰ϤƫͰԾʳ񸯽˲⾽ǦĽ౺ԩ׳Ծʹи


More than 120 children attended a non-profit martial arts , visiting Wenzhou Martial Arts Museum in Zhejiang province in groups on July 14 to experience the charm of traditional . The museum is located in "Yangzhai", a simple mansion built 100 years ago, as a stylistic complement to the traditional martial arts.



(Source: China Daily)